Reception Year/Year 1 Training Enquiry

Please read through the information on this page as we find it will help avoid misunderstandings at a later date.

This activity is provided by volunteers and we ask that you give them your full support. It is important that a responsible adult is present for your child throughout the training session.

Children can only attend training if they have been invited. Please do not bring friends along as they will not be allowed to join in, which can be very distressing for the child.

The first weeks of training will be used to assess your child's enjoyment of the training which will be aimed at making the activity fun whilst developing their skills.

However parents should be aware that the sessions are organised activities and children must be able to follow instructions and join in group activities.

During this period the coaches may decide that your child is not ready for or not enjoying the sessions. Unfortunately in this case they will not be able to continue training.

Please leave your details below. A copy of your message will be emailed to you confirming receipt.